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History of the New England Pride:

In 2010, brothers, Jim and Doug Michals, saw the need for a hockey program unlike any other, that will focus on developing the “whole” female athlete. And so the New England Pride Hockey program for women was born. Now in our sixth season, we continue to grow exponentially as one of this area’s premier woman’s program.

When you become part of our organization, you will see that we are committed to personal player development first and foremost. Game results and statistics are always second to the personal growth of our  players. It’s this focus that makes the New England Pride program truly unique and highly rewarding for our players.

We selected the name Pride as it relates to a pride of lions. In a pride of lions, the females lead the pride, they are fiercely loyal, and they are always willing to do whatever it takes to protect the pride. Like a family, a pride is together for life. Just like a pride of lions, The New England Pride is always led by the strength of the women in the program.

Another reason we selected the name Pride is because we believe that it represents always striving for excellence, putting forth your best effort, and making sure you take pride in everything you do. Our program is led by a team of passionate individuals who are committed to the success of every player.  They pride themselves on commitment, industry knowledge, strong personal skills, and active community involvement.

Unwavering Core Principals:

At the New England Pride, we are passionate about developing the complete person and player. At the very heart of it, we believe our passion, compassion and drive to develop and coach the best hockey players sets us apart from any other program. Family is the core and the foundation of our program as it is our unbreakable bond.
 We believe that the courage to push boundaries and overcome obstacles forges our character. We believe respect is earned through our actions, not an entitlement. We believe in integrity, consciously doing the right thing, even when no one is looking. And we believe in health and a balanced focus on mental, physical and psychological wellbeing to promote stability.

It is important that all Pride players, coaches, parents and staff understand that we are committed to the following values: Family, Honor, Integrity, Honesty, Hard Work, Effort, Courage, Health, Loyalty, Leadership, Relationships, Reputation, Compassion, Love, Self Respect, Self Confidence, Freedom, Learning, and Balance.

At the New England Pride, you will find a nurturing, positive and enriching safe haven where we will focus on developing the “whole” person/player that includes physical and mental strength, overall health, and life balance.

Our Mission Statement:

Teach and foster lifelong skills through hockey.